Secure crash barriers installed by an Auckland team

Crash barriers are a great way to prevent thieves from breaking their way into your home or business. Crash barriers are designed to be almost indestructible, sturdy and strong - keeping your premises safe and secure from any unwarranted intrusion. Plus, they’re designed to look great too, and naturally blend into the rest of your home, without standing out and looking ugly or utilitarian. If you are looking for quality crash barriers Auckland businesses trust to protect their business, contact All Steel Security today.

All Steel Security’s range of security crash barriers are the solution you need. Our products are designed to withstand strong impacts and act as active barriers to entryways, making them a great solution to defend against thieves, ram raiders and other unwanted guests.

Our steel vehicle barriers come in different types, all of which are equally stable and durable. In addition to protecting your premises, our range of crash barriers also keep vehicles within their lanes and help regulate the flow of traffic, making them an important means of organising your space.

Our collection of steel crash barriers includes:

Swing barrier

  • Steel - galvanized and or powder coated
  • Bolted down to the concrete
  • No hole required

Sliding barrier

  • High security
  • Easy to operate
  • All you need is wall space, equal to the door opening

Fixed barrier

  • Set in concrete, but can be made removable
  • Designed to suit your level of security
  • Galvanized or powder coated

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    You can find durable crash barriers that work well with the rest of your property here at All Steel Security. Our team is ready to help protect your home with our range of products and installation services. Browse through our website to see what we have on offer, or call us to let us know how we can help you. For quality crash barriers Auckland businesses can trust, contact All Steel Security today.